Brad Ramsey Interiors is a full-service interior design studio in Nashville, TN. Founded in 2012, BRI has quickly found its place in the Nashville design community and has established a great list of clients ranging from Commercial Healthcare businesses, young couples on limited budgets, to Dove and Grammy award-winning bands such as Point of Grace and Little Big Town.


Having spent almost 5 years as a designer at one of Nashville's premiere design firms, and having had the opportunity to be a featured designer for 13 weeks on HGTV's Interiors Inc, Brad has the skills and personality to guide the design process from start to finish and make it an enjoyable experience.  He has built a dedicated and skilled staff that assist him in the design process and also handle the logistics of ordering and delivering top quality products.  Whether the challenge is to freshen up an existing space, or tear it down and start over, BRI can provide the expertise needed to create an exquisite environment that fits any pace of life. 


Brad not only has an impeccable eye for detail and a keen sense about what makes an environment feel curated and collected, but he also understands his clients and the way they use their spaces. The results always reflect his sharp sense of style and eye for beauty as well as each client's unique personality and lifestyle.  Each and every home tells a different story and Brad is adept at listening to his clients and helping them make their space their own.


"My favorite part of design is getting to know the client.  I love to understand them, their family, how they live, their passions and their fears...  it makes the journey so much more rich when you get to really know the people you are working with!"  - Brad Ramsey 

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